A fighter for justice

She’s called “el angel de la justicia” (the angel of justice) among Latinos — and for good reason. Jessica Dominguez has used her UWLA legal education for a very noble calling: to serve the vastly underserved community of immigrants who want to live legally in the United States.

This immigration attorney, who’s an immigrant herself, knows firsthand the main challenges this population faces: First and foremost, having established a life for themselves and their families in the U.S., immigrants live ever fearful of being discovered and deported.

Not if Jessica can help it. Her enthusiasm for the law and for her clients and their plights makes this 44-year-old a highly sought-after immigration lawyer. It also enables Dominguez to not only fervently represent immigrants but also to share the legal training she got from UWLA — and all in a most unique way.

Once a week, on Univision’s highly rated morning show, “Despierta America,” Dominguez dispenses legal advice and updates — with touches of wisdom and humor thrown in for food measure.

She recently shared in an L.A. Times interview: “I have great joy in knowing that people who watch these segments could potentially save themselves from being defrauded,” she said. “Call me an idealist, a dreamer or whatever else, but I truly believe that each of us have the power to change the world one day at a time.”
Jessica Dominguez is a prime example of the rich diversity we celebrate and, most importantly, how a UWLA education can be the path to anyone’s career goals and dreams.

Jessica, we salute you!