UWLA Visits China

UWLA’s President Robert Brown and Dean Jay Frykberg visited Chinese universities and law schools this past June to further discuss plans of attracting Chinese students to UWLA and opportunities for UWLA students to study abroad.

UWLA aims to establish classes for American and international students with universities in China. They expect UWLA students to begin the “abroad” classes within the next two years.

UWLA’s upcoming program will allow students to learn both within and beyond the classroom. This prestigious opportunity to explore a new culture while learning about postgraduate education will appeal to American employers.

While overseas, the president, dean and professor also explored Chinese culture, climbed the Great Wall of China and indulged in traditional Chinese foods, such as scorpions! They hope that students studying in China explore the foreign culture through first-hand experience, as Brown and Frykberg did.

Classes from the School of Graduate Studies, online LSAT prep course and online Legal English courses will be the some of the first UWLA courses taught in China. Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming campuses!